Discover the tools and develop the confidence to write about yourself and your photographic work in an exciting and meaningful way…


Location: Open Studio Workshop Centre. Scotland

Dates: Spring 2018. Dates to be confirmed

Cost: £1580

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Writing plays an important role in photography, whether it’s clarifying our visual ideas in the handwritten pages of a notebook, keeping our photography on track in a journal, or creating artist’s statements and biographies for websites and exhibitions, the written word helps shape and inform the images we all make.


Despite the obvious importance of the written word, how many of us have had any support to help develop or hone our photographic writing skills? I’m very lucky, I write monthly features for B&W Photography magazine, whose wonderful editor, Elizabeth Roberts, is also a fully qualified creative writing teacher. So, I can’t think of anyone better, more inspiring, or insightful, to co-lead this Writing for Photographers workshop. The workshop is your opportunity to benefit from her very special writing skills and her unique experience of working with photographers.


The workshop will give you the tools and the confidence to write about yourself and your photographic work in a meaningful way. By the end of the week you will be able to translate your ideas into words, and develop a piece of writing from your initial idea to a finished state.


Throughout the week you will have the time and space – and plenty of encouragement – to reflect on your image making and explore what it is that you want to say about it. The emphasis will be on writing in your own unique style, free of clichés and meaningless jargon. What you write will give the reader a clear insight into your work and will enhance their enjoyment of it. Above all, your writing will be closely linked to your photography – there are, surprisingly, many parallels between photography and writing.


You will learn through simple, fun, writing exercises and interaction as a group. There will be no rigid rules. The week will be an exploration of how to find the language that describes the individuality of your work. From a short biography or caption to an artist’s statement or text to accompany a photo story, you will find you have the ability to write in your own way and to enjoy the process.”