Shoot a photo project, using it to learn how to devise a title, strapline, introduction & captions – for exhibitions, portfolios, on-line projects & books


Location: Open Studio Workshop Centre. Scotland

Dates: Mar 12-18, 2018

Cost: £1580

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Following Elizabeth’s 2016 creative writing workshop, this time the focus is on writing for photographic projects: devising titles, creating straplines, wording introductions and writing captions – for exhibitions, portfolios, on-line projects and books.


Elizabeth will share with you the techniques and give you the confidence to achieve these goals. She is both the highly respected editor of B&W Photography magazine (so she really does know how to work with photographers!) and she is a very experienced creative writing teacher. As previous participants can testify, she will bring out the very best in you, your photography and your writing. I can’t think of anyone better qualified or more encouraging to lead these unique Writing For Photographers courses.


This is a practical workshop, so we invite you to bring any current projects or project ideas to get Elizabeth's invaluable insights and, of course, to benefit from the excellent feedback of the group. During the week you will work on a small project to practice your new-found skills: devising a concept, shooting the images, creating the title, writing the strapline and completing a 150 to 200 word introduction.


For now, we’ll leave the final words to Elizabeth: "There are so many parallels between writing and photography, and each can enhance the other, bringing fresh insight and understanding. When we use text to accompany imagery we offer the viewer / reader a broader basis from which to engage with the work, allowing for greater communication, and mutual participation.”