Learn how to create photographic work that truly reflects your passion & purpose, & how to present it to a wider audience, including how to employ social media


Location: Open Studio Workshop Centre. Scotland

Dates: Mar 19-25, 2018

Cost: £1580

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The world is awash with images, photographers and publishers, all vying for our attention. How do you create, publish and promote your own work to stand out from the crowd? Work that people will return to, invest in and value, long after the next digital fads fade.


This workshop isn’t about sitting in a classroom huddled around a screen creating publicity campaigns. We will benefit from the stunning setting of the workshop and create images that will form the basis of the tutored sessions. With a week in a relaxed, informal and supportive environment, away from day to day pressures, you will have the time and space to explore what it is about your work that is unique to you and discover ways to develop that further.


You will learn the techniques to bring forth your personal identity in your work and how to present your photography to the wider world. You will also develop an understanding of how to raise funds, publish, exhibit and promote your work. By the end of the week you will have created a body of photographs, based on material you have brought to or captured on the workshop, and developed a promotional plan for them that uses social media in the most effective way.


We will also guide you through the many ways to publish and present your photography. With the right knowledge you can exploit all these opportunities to expand your audience with greater confidence and belief in the work you are creating.